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Selling with Heart

The real estate experience is more than just selling a house - it's about seeing the entire journey, from selling a house to having a clear vision for your next chapter.

When you approach selling your home with the intention of being heart-focused, you are inviting a calmer, clear-minded experience.  I will walk with you as your advocate and guide for the best possible experience selling your home.

Traditional Selling Services
  • Staging

  • Professional Photography

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans

  • Maximum Buyer Exposure

  • Showings

  • Sale Management

Now for the really good stuff…

A little bit of woo...

Cutting Energy Cords

I work with sellers to cut cords, releasing the energetic connection to the home. It’s a natural part of life to release things which no longer serve us. When we let go, we create space new growth.  Cutting cords helps us to recover energy that has been lost or has become stagnant. This practice will help you move through transition without the burden of carrying the weight of the past.

Energy Clearing

I clear energy imprints in your home so buyers feel welcome and can feel themselves living there. Events, good and bad feelings, and people leave an energy imprint that is recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects. The residue from negative energy collects in the corners of rooms. As you prepare to selling your house, it’s a good idea to clear the negative and stagnant energy so buyers feel welcome, relaxed and happy in the space.

Mindset Work

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

I work on limiting beliefs so you can have the best possible selling experience, which includes a fast sale and best selling price. We will work on raising vibration, visualizing the ideal outcome, and become focused on the things we can control about selling your home. 

Getting Ready to Sell

Before putting the sign on your front lawn and marketing your home, there are a few things you can do to help potential buyers see the value in your property.

Remove clutter

Pack away personalized items, excess furniture and items that may block buyers from seeing themselves and their belongings in your home.

Patch and Paint

Adding a fresh coat of neutral colored paint to your walls is a quick and cost-effective way to make your home feel fresh, light and bigger.

Spruce up curb appeal

Since the outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see, make it as appealing as possible by cutting the grass, pulling weeds, planting beautiful flowers, shoveling snow (as we know happens in Chicago), add garden lighting, etc.

Spruce up curb appeal

Staging your home increases the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale. Call a professional in to arrange furniture in ways you might not have thought of to get the best flow and use in the home.

Closing Costs

Here is a list of customary costs to the seller:

  • Mortgage payoff

  • Title insurance

  • Transfer taxes/stamps

  • Survey

  • Attorney

  • Homeowner association paid assessment letter (if applicable)

  • Real estate tax credit to the buyers

  • Home warranty (if applicable)

  • Negotiated credits to buyer


Before you list your home
  • Prepare your home to sell

  • Work with a realtor to determine the best list price

  • Hire a photographer

  • List in the MLS & syndicate to multiple websites for maximum buyer exposure

on the market
  • Stay prepared for showings

  • Review feedback

  • Negotiate offers

Manage details of the sale
  • Attorney review

  • Buyer's home inpsection

  • Buyer's appraisal

  • Close

Start your heart-centered experience today!