Heather Schmidt

Full-time realtor passionate about delivering on her real estate client’s needs through empathy, authenticity, & analytic prowess.


Heather Schmidt

I pride myself in being an advocate and educating my clients so that they are truly empowered and have a positive real estate experience.

I am a full-time realtor with a holistic approach and my passion is to help people create a home that best serves their energy and lifestyle. As a holistic realtor, I love working with holistic minded people to head from their heart space and find balanced energy, whether that be through a space clearing, house blessing, energy healing, or a positive real estate experience when buying and or selling a home.

My ultimate goal is for my client's soul to smile

Balanced energy and a positive experience doesn’t mean it will always be puppies and rainbows. What it does mean is that when we hit a speed bump, I am right there next to you, solution focused, keeping your overall goal in mind. 

About Heather Schmidt

My Journey

I speak engineer

My engineering past continues to empower my present with incredible attention to detail while my energy work allows me to tend to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of my clients.

Once upon a time I fell in love with jet engines. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale with degrees in Aviation Maintenance and Industrial Technology, I started a career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer working for Actwon-Electocoil. After some time in that field, I took my love of engineering and technology and shrunk it down into handhelds, working as a process engineer on the world’s first flip phone, Motorola’s StarTac. 

Flip Phones to Flipping Houses

At the start of the housing boom in 2002, I considered switching from flip phones to flipping houses! Though the career of flipping houses didn’t actualize, the industry fit and I made a career shift and started managing a subcontracting company working with new construction builders.

After 5 years, I realized I wanted to progress from making houses to supporting others in the process of finding their own. For the past 10+ years, I have partnered with my clients through empathetic guidance, empowering them to uncover and realize their home-related needs.

In 2008 I received my Certified Distressed Property Expert designation and I specialized in short sales and foreclosures for more than 10 years. 

Cue the proverbial aha moment!

Working with distressed homeowners, I realized everyone’s emotions and energy impacted their overall real estate experience. This led me to think deeply about creating an experience that is heart-centered and focused on celebrating this transitional rite of passage in a person’s life in a more joyful way.

In 2017 I became Attuned in Reiki and am currently a Reiki Master. This was also the year I officially founded Heather Schmidt, Holistic Real Estate.

Today my mission is to provide clients with the education and tools to make complex & high emotion home decisions with confidence.

About Heather Scmidt

I expand in love, abundance, and success every day as I inspire those around me to do the same - Gay Hendricks

Heart-Centered Mission

Beyond my dedication to residential real estate, I am committed to the social impact space.

I am committed to shaking, stirring, and upgrading this world through my dedication to Mutual Ground women’s shelters, Pathways to Successful Living seminars, and Ready Set Ride youth equine-therapy.

I have been on the Board of Directors at Mutual Ground women’s shelter for 9 years, where I support the mission of advocacy for, and empowerment of, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I donate my time to Ready, Set, Ride, assisting special needs children during their horse-riding therapy sessions. I also volunteer for Pathways to Successful Living, which is an organization committed to making the world a better place for future generations by empowering individuals to lead more enriched, successful, and fulfilled lives. 

My long-term dream is to build a ranch for troubled girls to help them heal trauma, fight addiction, and find acceptance and happiness through coupling social emotional learning with equine therapy.