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Foreclosure Assistance

Facing foreclosure? Discover your options with my support.

I understand that dealing with foreclosure can be overwhelming. I lost my home to foreclosure AND I have been helping homeowners avoid foreclosure since 2008. If you’re exploring the possibility of a short sale, I’m here to guide you through the process with a compassionate touch. 

Are you a homeowner dealing with the risk of losing your home?

A good real estate agent is someone who knows how to help you avoid this. Life can get tough, especially during things like inflation, job loss, or medical bills, which might make it hard to pay your mortgage on time. Whatever the reasons, having a reliable real estate agent is important to find ways to prevent foreclosure.

Why? Because they can make the process easier for you and help you keep your home.

Heather Schmidt – A Foreclosure Rescue Expert

For homeowners in Illinois looking to steer clear of foreclosure, making tough choices may be necessary. This could involve actions such as reducing additional debts or considering bankruptcy. In such situations, it’s crucial to seek assistance from a reputable foreclosure rescue expert like Heather Schmidt, who is well-versed in Illinois real estate. Heather has successfully helped numerous individuals in similar circumstances. By consulting with her, you can gain a practical understanding of your available choices before initiating negotiations on your behalf.

Facing the threat of foreclosure? I am here as your trusted partner in navigating this challenging terrain. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and support needed to safeguard your home and financial well-being.

Common Foreclosure Misconceptions

Understanding these misconceptions is crucial for homeowners facing foreclosure to make informed decisions and explore the best options available to them. Contact me to talk through these misconceptions.

  • Foreclosure Happens Overnight

  • No Alternatives Once Foreclosure Starts

  • Lender Wants to Foreclose

  • Bankruptcy is the Only Solution

  • Eviction Happens Immediately After Foreclosure

  • Foreclosure Ruins Credit Forever

  • Surrendering the Home Ends All Obligations

Options to Avoid Foreclosure

When facing the threat of foreclosure, understanding these options can empower you to make informed decisions. Contact me to determine the most suitable strategy for your specific circumstances.

  • Reinstatement

  • Refinance

  • Forbearance

  • Loan Modification

  • Deed in Lieu

  • File Bankruptcy

  • Sell the Property

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