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Are you looking to shift the energy within yourself and your home?

An investment in your home should be an investment in your health and wellbeing. Imagine having the support you need when you are making decisions that will affect the home that nurtures your soul!

Have you ever walked into a room and it just didn’t feel right? That’s the energy of the space. 

Each one of us leaves an energetic imprint – similar to a footprint – everywhere we go. Which means every person who’s been in your home leaves a little bit of their energy behind. 

Stressful situations can create muck, a dense collection of unpleasant energy.

An energy clearing helps neutralize imprints, shifting the energy in your home and bringing in good vibes.

Raise your vibration

We are all made of energy & vibrate at different frequencies.

Life is driven by the energy of love, the highest possible frequency. Wouldn’t you like to experience selling and buying a home in this loving frequency, rather than in the energy-suppressing frequency of stress, anger and fear?

Improve & restore your inner balance.

Raising your vibration brings clarity of what you are trying to bring into your life, what your new home will look and feel like and what the next chapter looks like for you and your family. 

There are things you can do to raise your vibration right now – bring joy into your life by doing things that make you feel good, try laughing and see how quickly you feel better, and connect with people who are vibrating at a high frequency and feel uplifted by osmosis. 

It’s not always easy to raise your vibration, particularly in stressful situations. If you would like guidance with this, connect with me and I will work with you to shift your energy so you can feel better and think more clearly.

energy work with heather schmidt

Release stagnant energy & invoke joy in living spaces

Smudging is done using dried sage, which is lit and left to smolder in a fireproof container. With a window open in each room, the small amount of smoke is moved into all of the corners of each room. The sage dissipates any stagnant energy and wafts out of the open window. 

Some benefits of smudging are:

  • Increases your sense of wellbeing and improves mental focus

  • Clears negative energy, combating feelings of fear, anxiety, grief & depression

  • Offers calming, relaxing effects that are known to help lower blood pressure, relieve stress and tension and normalize breathing rates

  • Increased energy which can boost one's mood, improve focus and create a more positive outlook

  • Improved sleep patterns

Start your heart-centered experience today!